New Members, Pet Pigs and Raffle Ticket Heaven - 10/09/2014 Membership Meeting

Wow, it's nice to be back writing a story about our Thursday morning meeting! I'm probably the only one who reads this blog, but hey, it's good therapy no matter what. How often do you get to write about a pig who happens to be the mascot for a BBQ festival?

We started off this past Thursday as always. Breakfast. A prayer. The "Pledge of Allegiance". And of course, the Four Way Test. Then it got a little crazy!

I'm not sure if Jeff Tillman knows what he's getting into! Jeff is the newest member of Gate City Rotary and all I can say to him is, "We have fun and make no apologies about it!". Everyone welcome Jeff to the club. He's a friend of Ralph Jones, but let's not hold that against him!

Judge Robbie Hassell is our man when it comes to the solemn, stately and very serious dedication and charge to our new members. His eloquent delivery is always something to behold as he goes through the ceremony with ease. Imagine doing that without your notes! Well, Robbie just walked through it like he wrote the dang induction speech himself! I hope I never owe this guy money because he doesn't forget a thing!

Okay, so let's talk about Sean Roberts. Sean gave a very moving speech back before he was a member of Gate City Rotary and today he gave his new member talk. For such a young man, he's quite a veteran (actually, he is a military veteran!). This kid (if you're over 50, you can call him that), has seen more than most of us and I'm very proud to call him my friend. Look up enthusiasm in the dictionary. Look up dedication. You'll find Sean Robert's picture there.

Sean has a lovely wife, a dog and a pet pig that has a name. I don't remember the pig's name, because once I found out he's the official mascot of PigStock, well, I just don't care what his name is. That pig is alright with me!

You think that's all? You think that is ALL that happened at the meeting? Okay, so raffle ticket sales are a little slow. Sure, Rob Midgett can send out Emails and sell them like Hot Cakes! I've sold all mine, get off my back Chris! But, that's not the point. Here is where it all got crazy.

Like something from the old west, Kelly Harrill stood up and the room went quiet. Right in the middle of stories on how to sell raffle tickets and where we stand, he just stood up. I thought I heard in the distance the whistle from "the good, the bad and the ugly".  I'm not sure, but I do believe I heard it.

Anyway, the place got real quiet.

Kelly Harrill gets our attention!

So, here is what Kelly says. He says that anyone selling another block of raffle tickets will go into a drawing for a prize he came up with on the fly. It had something to do with Golf at Grandover, dinner for four, a suite at the resort with a French name and maybe meeting Paul McCartney. Hell, I don't know what all he said. I missed about half of it trying to move the camera over to record it. Check out the video to learn more. All I know is that it's one helluva prize!

So, as I'm taping the meeting, three tables flipped over on top of me as people ran over to get more raffle tickets to sell. So, next week, some lucky Gate City Rotarian will win a prize worth more than their car! Well, worth more than my car anyway.

I'm writing this late on a Friday. PigStock is tomorrow. And Gate City Rotary rocks! You just can't get any better than this club!

And, here are the pics!

Our newest member, Jeff Tillman!

Sean Roberts gives his new member talk.