Taxation and Conservation - 10/16/2014 Membership Meeting

We had a very busy meeting Thursday morning with presentations, new badges and a very big prize giveaway.

First up was a presentation in favor of the quarter cent sales tax increase that proponents claim will benefit our schools. I write this blog and give my opinions on the meetings. If you want my opinion on the quarter cent sales tax increase, ask. Enough said.

No doubt there was a lot of anticipation about who would win the coveted "golf for four" and other amenities at Grandover offered by Kelly Harrill at the last meeting. Anyone taking a block of raffle tickets got entered in the drawing. Well, anyone except Buster who got his extra tickets just before the meeting started. After chants to put Buster's name in the hat, we finally got down to the winning Rotarian. Well, who won? Watch the video and find out! And log a makeup while you're at it!

Sean Roberts finally got his blue badge as did John Nosek. Sean only beat my time by about ten months!

There were lots of announcements with the fundraiser just around the corner and barely had time for Happy Dollars. That always makes me sad, so I didn't give a Happy Dollar. I did get recognized for picking the Cowboys over the Seahawks in the football pool. I don't remember why I did that, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the only game I got right. But, I must have found a few more acorns because I didn't get the zero bar.

Anyway, once we got to the presentation, we had about four minutes left and it was kind of rushed. Kind of a shame, because I've actually seen a Preservation Greensboro program before at another Rotary club meeting. It's very interesting to hear how they are protecting what little heritage Greensboro has left! And good for them for doing it. Of course, the star in our crown is and always will be Blandwood. Get more information about Preservation Greensboro and help support this valuable organization here:

Okay everyone. Only one more meeting before the fundraiser! Don't forget, we will be at the Proximity next week. Sell those raffle and party tickets!


John Nosek and Sean Roberts trade in their badges.

Benjamin Briggs talks about preserving our architecture.

John Graham gives some interesting facts about Blandwood mansion.