Harnessing Information - 05/08/2014 Membership Meeting

Did Gate City Rotary receive another Gold Club Award and win the District Attendance Award?

Is it a copperhead or just a plain old ordinary snake?

Are we slaves to our phones and other technology?

These and other burning questions were answered at out membership meeting on 05/08/2014.

The Girl Scouts were back for their final collection efforts. Troop 40167 is collecting items and helping out at Mary's House, a ministry that provides transitional housing to women in recovery for substance abuse and their minor children. This community service project is one they chose to complete their Silver Award. Thanks so much to everyone who donated! It was a very successful project and greatly appreciated!

Answers to questions: Yes and Yes. We're not sure. Maybe.

Bobby presented our 16th straight Gold Club Award and highest attendance rate of any club in our District that were awarded at the District Conference last weekend. Congratulations to US!

Lots of Happy Dollars were flowing, some of which involved snake stories.

Last, but not least, our guest speaker talked about a subject near and dear to all of us with smart phones - When do we get flying cars?

William "Bill" Brown with the Technology Center of the Triad talked about making technology fun and how to deal with the ever increasing pressures of information overload. I've heard it said that getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. The Technology Center is there to help us sort it all out and make it all meaningful. Check them out at:


The Changing of the Guard is just around the corner! It was another great meeting with lots of exciting things on the horizon. Hope to see everyone next week!