A New Year Begins - 07/10/2014 Membership Meeting

A sparse, but lively crowd showed up for our first meeting of the 2014 - 2015 Rotary year. Next year's President, Dan Quinn, had double duty both running the meeting and also introducing Mike Byers, our guest speaker.  Mike is the Associate Vice Chancellor at my alma mater, UNC-G, and he was on hand to tell us about some exciting new developments at the school and to assure us that Yum Yums has not been displaced!

We kicked things off with a report from our Sergeant at Arms and Buster Lewis immediately reminded everyone that we were out of order. The invocation, pledge and rotary moment comes first. Old traditions are hard to break! Finally, when we got things back on track, we got down to the real business at hand - Happy Dollars!

On a sad note, Steve Brannan informed us about a terrible accident involving the nephew of one of his co-workers. He is currently paralyzed in his arms and legs with just a little movement in his left arm and is struggling with a collapsed lung as well. If anyone would like to help with this tragic event, please see this website for information: http://gofundme.com/patjr

A lot has changed at UNC-G since I used to park illegally in my rush to get to class on time back in the.....hmmm, was it really the 1980's???  Those changes include plenty of new student housing, a brand new Police Headquarters and get this, a tunnel under the railroad tracks near Lee Street! I rode by that thing on the way to meet my wife downtown after work last night and I HAVE to go back and walk through it. Very cool. UNC-G has done a lot to improve the landscape in a pretty blighted part of Greensboro and it's only going to get better with a new Recreation Building coming soon. Hopefully, this will finish out everything and they will stop calling this pool old alumnus for money!

Hope to see a big crowd next week. Everybody stay cool!