Two for One - 07/17/2014 Membership Meeting

As Lawrence Welk would say, "It was a wunnerful, wunnerful morning to be a Rotarian".

We began the day going all the way to the Speaker of the House to lead the meeting. Chris Justice did a great job filling in with Emily and Dan both out. Chris is the President-elect for 2016-2017, so it was good practice for him!

There were lots of Happy Dollars about the Green Valley Gators winning City Meet. It's been a long, long time and what a way for them to finish up for their great coach, Scot Budde, who is moving and will not be back next year. Green Valley was undefeated this season and finally chomped those Frogs from Friendly.

We had a two-part program, with an update from Rebecca Byerly on her documentary entitled, "Women of the Mountain". Rebecca is a former Rotary Ambassador Scholar who used that scholarship as a springboard to become an international journalist and now a film maker! We're very proud of Rebecca and all her achievements. For more information about her work to help empower women, visit her site here:

If you've ever wondered what all those commercials for Reverse Mortgages are about, we had the person to give you the scoop as our second speaker of the day was Vicki Pope, a Reverse Mortgage Specialist with Yadkin Mortgage. There were a lot of questions about this interesting financial option for qualified homeowners. There is a lot of misinformation out there about Reverse Mortgages, so give Vicki a call if you're interested!

Well, it's a beautiful day this Thursday. Hope everyone has a chance to get outside and we'll see everyone next week!