There's only one word to describe it: Big! - 07/24/2014 Membership Meeting

It's hard to believe, but we only have one more meeting left in July, 2014! Even with all the vacations and the slow down in attendance during these hot summer months, we still had a lively crowd this Thursday. Emily was back from riding camels all over Europe and Africa. I'm surprised she didn't run into Danny Farley who was also back after an extended vacation across a multitude of countries. Makes my trip to Kure Beach seem rather lame.....

Don't miss the video of what Grandpappy had to say this week. It's a good one.

Okay, so we got down to business, and this meeting was all about BIG Business. Rebecca Byerly was back to give us some more information about her "Women of the Mountain" KickStarter campaign. Rebecca is finishing up edits to her documentary told through the narratives of six women: three who run the world’s longest ultra-marathons through the world’s highest mountain ranges, and three who live in those rugged terrains. It's a BIG endeavor on her part and she's reaching out to groups like ours for much needed funds to bring this labor of love to fruition. Check it out and donate here:

Next, we had Larry Aiken who is also raising money for the biggest Global Grant project we've ever attempted in our Rotary District. It's a joint effort between District 7690 (ours), and District 4170 in Mexico City. The project also will receive funding from the Mexican water authority.  This is a water purification project that will ultimately cost over a million dollars. In other words, it's BIG! It is also taking place in the Mountains, so everything about this meeting was on a large scale. Larry has set goals for clubs within our district based on their size and is hoping we will join his efforts to raise enough money to put in the application for a Global Grant from Rotary International. Check out the meeting video for all the details.

Just one more meeting before we get into the dog days of August. Hope to see everyone next Thursday!

Dale Hopkins receives the Rotary Benefactor award.

Rebecca Byerly brings us up to date on her "Women of the Mountain" documentary.

Larry Aiken talks about Big things going on in Rotary District 7690.