She Blinded me with Science - 08/14/2014 Membership Meeting

I hope everyone else gets that song stuck in their head now that it is stuck in mine. It was bad enough having to hear it all the time back in the 80's!

Speaking of Happy Dollars, there were a LOT of them today. We were just about to run into our speaker's time when Buster called the question, but collected two more quick dollars at the last second. It was also a classic "Grand Pappy says" day, so don't miss that one!

We had a really packed house this morning. Everyone keep an eye on Facebook for upcoming events. I'm trying to keep things posted on there. If you aren't "following" the Gate City page on Facebook, go to it and hit "Like". That will update you whenever something is posted on that site.

After we got through announcements, which included a very sweet recap from our District Cultural Rotary Scholarship winner, Aenia Amin, we moved into the marathon of "Happy" Dollars mentioned earlier. Finally, we got down to the business at hand. Aquariums. Science. Fun Stuff. A most impressive success story right here in our back yard. How many of you remember going to the old Natural Science Center as a kid? They always had some snakes in old aquariums and some pretty cool stuff going on along with a small petting zoo. Well, I'm going to have to revisit the new Greensboro Science Center, because it is not the same place!

We have a SciQuarium (who doesn't want to see that?!), a brand new Animal Discovery area and the old museum is getting a facelift as well! Oh, but that's not all. Beth McAlhany, Vice President of Donor Relations, let us in on a secret at her wonderful presentation this morning. There are all kinds of new things in the plans as well! 

Phase II of renovations will include SkyWild Adventures, set to open next Spring. It will take the visitor experience into the trees on a series of platforms, rope courses and zip-lines that provide cardio fitness training, team-building exercises and eye-to-eye wildlife viewing over the Animal Discovery grounds.

And there's even more! The centerpiece of Phase III is Sanctuary Station, an endangered species collection that will double the size of Animal Discovery with such species as gibbons, Komodo dragons, orangutans, pygmy hippos and tree kangaroos.

They have certainly turned this into a World-Class Science Center and quite a gem for Greensboro. Thanks Beth for the great presentation!

Next week is a REALLY BIG meeting. Our new District Governor, Patrick Eakes, will be visiting, so let's have a great showing of Gate City Rotary attendance and spirit! Don't forget, tomorrow is our first service activity of the year!

District Cultural Rotary Scholar, Aenia Amin is introduced by Jim Kennedy

Aenia Amin gives us an update on her travels.

Our guest speaker, Beth McAlhany, Vice President of Donar Relations a the Greensboro Science Center

New Exhibits!

Beth McAlhany tells us about future projects at the Greensboro Science Center