Light it Up! - 08/21/2014 Membership Meeting

What a great crowd we had today! A large contengent of Rotarians from all over gathered at the O'Henry Hotel this morning. There was a large crowd from Gate City, lots of visitors and several District Officers as well. Everyone was ready to Light Up Rotary!

We started off with an excercise in positive feedback that Emily introduced. Everyone had to tell another person how something that person did had a positive impact on them personally. The concept is called SBI which is short for Situation, Behavior and Impact. You tell another person how a certain Situation brought about certain Behavior and what Impact that had on you or others involved. I don't supposed it always has to be positive, but Emily wanted members to give feedback to other members about a positive experience. It was a great way to kick things off and put everyone in the right frame of mind!

We then moved on to some fantastic awards given out to several of our Gate City members who are now part of the Paul Harris Society. It's great honor and we are proud of Mid, Dale, Chip and Emily who join Mike Conrad from Gate City!

Next, we got around to the man of the hour, District Governor Patrick Eakes. Patrick has a resume that's a little too long to read, so just the highlights of his career, both in and out of Rotary, were enough to boggle the mind. When does this guy sleep? Patrick told some great stories and related Rotary back to friends and family in a presentation that was right on time! We need to spread the word about the wonderful things Rotary does as an organization, and also bring new and diverse members into Rotary. As Partick reminded us, there are a LOT of Rotarians out there that just don't know it yet! A great presentation Patrick, we really appreciate you coming out this morning!

Let's keep this great attendance up next week! Bring a guest and come out for great fellowship and the best breakfast meeting in town!

On a very, very sad note, Danny Farley gave an update on Kevin Barth's wife, Sheila, who has been taken off life support. Please keep Kevin and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Contact Danny if you would like to help the family during this most difficult time for them.  

Past District Governor David McCoy talks about the Rotary Foundation and the Paul Harris Society.

Our newest Paul Harris Society members!

District Governor Patirck Eakes Lights up our Meeting!

Patrick told some great stories and encouraged us to get more involved in all apsects of Rotary.

Our current President, Emily Hoole and District Governor Patrick Eakes share a laugh about "pinning".

A standing "O" for District Governor Patrick Eakes.

Gate City Rotary's 2014-2015 Board of Directors.

Gate City Rotary's 2014-2015 Board of Directors.