Greener Pastures - 08/07/2014 Membership Meeting

Our meeting this morning had a lot of facets to it. I could skate over a lot of them and just talk about the speaker, who happened to be wonderful. April Harris is a long-time advocate of Greensboro and has done so much to help put us on track when it comes to Community Development and letting people know about the great things we have to offer. She talked about a lot of positives and showed us how "Green" the pastures are in Greensboro right now!

There are people collaborating. There are workshops, meeting places and joint efforts that cater to the Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that will lead us into the future. Greener pastures. Greensboro is on the verge of great things. It's our time to break free of constantly being compared to Raleigh, Charlotte and Durham. 

Learn more about some of the work April does here:

I've only been in Rotary for a little over a year. Last weekend, I was talking to our new District Governor, Patrick Eakes. When he found out I was in Gate City Rotary, he looked at me and said, "Gate City is simply amazing. You don't get any better than Gate City. You guys are what Rotary is all about. The Gold Standard."

He's right. We are Gate City Rotary!  Triple Crown, Gold Club, Number ONE in the District in attendance. We set the standards that other clubs want to emulate. I am PROUD to be a member of Gate City Rotary. That's enough commentary from me. I'll drop off my Happy Dollar to Buster when I see him.

If you were not at the meeting, please watch the video and see Mid Middleton! Max Kern, there is a song for you. Don't miss it!  And Mid has even more big news to share!

We have a BIG year ahead of us. Lots of exciting projects coming up. Be a part of it! Hope to see everyone next Thursday!

April Harris putting the "Green" in Greensboro.