A Special Treat - 09/18/2014 Membership Meeting

I had the pleasure this morning to be joined at breakfast by one of the Executive Chefs from arcBarks. Her name is Jordan, and she certainly eats a lot healthier than me! While I had bacon and eggs with a biscuit, she enjoyed two bowls of Cheerios and gradually began smiling more and more until she brightened up the entire room!

I'm not going to write a lot about this morning's program. It's not manly to cry at work. I'll just say that it's a shame so many people missed it because we had a rather sparse crowd on hand. Sarah Ray, Executive Director of the arcBarks Company here in Greensboro, was just tremendous. Her outlook on life and how much she's learned from these special people really goes to the heart of what Rotary is all about. I encourage everyone to watch the meeting video from today and go by the bakery whenever you get a chance. It's truly one of the best meetings we've had this year. So, if you couldn't make it, you missed out, because they also gave away free Dog Treats!

This was one of the best presentations I've seen at Rotary, and that's saying a lot, because we have some amazing speakers every Thursday morning. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Don't forget "Big Sweep" on Saturday.

For more information about arcBarks, visit their website here:


Sarah Ray, Executive Director of arcBarks, gives a wonderful presentation.

Chef Jordan takes a bow!

A big thumbs up for the meeting this morning! It was a Special Treat!