The Importance of Family - 01/15/2015 Membership Meeting

Well, twice now I've lost my write-up of this week's meeting. I'll try it one more time and that's it. I might have to find a new place to host our site!

We had a good crowd for this morning, but it was a very strange day indeed! Here we are only two weeks into 2015 and we get one (1) Happy Dollar! What in the world is going on? Let's hope people hit the lottery this coming week or at least have their kids do something great! One dollar. Buster's stories alone are worth more than that!

We inducted another new member this week. Reach out a hand and welcome Robert Gray to the club. And while you're at it, welcome ALL the new members to the club and maybe introduce yourself to some old members you don't know!

Probably the one group closest to each of us that we take for granted a lot of times is our very own family. We know they will always be there for us, so we simply expect it. Well, there are a LOT of kids in North Carolina alone who don't have that luxury. Brian Maness, President and CEO of the Children's Home Society of North Carolina, gave an emotional, yet inspirational presentation featuring some kids that want just one thing - a family. If you've ever been interested in helping kids that really need it, please talk to Brian or contact someone at the Children's Home Society through their website:

They have so many volunteer and funding opportunities and there is a real need for anyone willing to be a foster family or better yet, adopt. Such a wonderful presentation and a most worthy cause.

Next week, let's break the bank with Happy Dollars. I've been told it's New Member Talks! Don't miss it. Come out and bring a guest!

Our newest member, Robert Gray

Brian Maness talks about the Children's Home Society of North Carolina