New Faces - 01/22/2015 Membership Meeting

One of the realities of Rotary is that some members will be in our club until it's time to go to breakfast at the big O'Henry in the sky and others are only around until life gets in the way. It seems like over the last year, we've had a LOT of life getting in the way. Some of our members have faced great adversity and taken leave for serious personal reasons. Others have changed jobs, gotten engaged, moved or found another club closer or more convenient for them.

We hope the ones who leave will always be Rotarians, because there simply is no better organization in the world that does the sort of things Rotary does. Our club is a living thing and with it comes change. It is our duty to recruit new members that reflect the values and standards of OUR club. Yes, we are a triple crown club. Yes, we win lots of awards at the District and National level. But, even more than that, we are a sweat equity club. We don't look for members that seek out networking opportunities or simply want to write a check and come to breakfast. We want members who get out there and Ring the Bell or hammer nails. Members who build lasting friendships and make our community and even our world a better place through Service above Self. Our Rotary club makes a difference and the awards and accolades are just the icing on a cake we already made from scratch. We are Gate City Rotary.

This morning we got a little glimpse into the lives of three new members. The Happy Dollars were flying again and there was a great mood in the room. One of our favorite meetings is "New Member Talks" and we had a great one today. Watch the video to find out who writes music, who likes "Old People" and who really needs a girlfriend (because he likes to go to Fish Shows!?!). It was a great meeting and I hope these guys have a long and rewarding "career" in Rotary! Hope to see everyone next week!

Jeff Tillman

Paul Zuccchino

Alex Pham