Through the miracle of technology, David Pike and his family have a link to the outside world at a time when their worlds are turned upside down. Through CaringBridge, a non-profit, specifically geared to help families keep in touch with a wide community of friends on this thing called a weblog, or blog for short, this miracle happens.

David, Patricia, Kris, Roman can write in a
Journal; they get to tell their community of friends (subscribers) anything. Subscribers can jot David and family a note in the "guestbook" (click the guestbook link), just browse, or even elect to receive David's updates delivered to their mailboxes immediately after David writes in his Journal.

CaringBridge keeps families and friends connected and with ease. The family doesn't have to say or write the same message over and over when it's hard to remember what they've said to whom. Several friends we know are on CaringBridge and they say it's a great way to keep in touch, send updates, and share the life-blood of encouragement, thoughts and prayers with friends.

So if you haven't checked in on David's CaringBridge, click here now. Just follow the links to visit and sign his guestbook and to sign up to get updates automatically.

Tim, Richard, and I went to the Hoppers last night with our families. Anne and I wanted to hear about David, having seen his Caringbridge journal for the first time that morning. And so, in the spirit of Rotary, we got to "share" our friend, David, with each other, and affirm the true example of courage and hope he is to our entire club and beyond. David, if your ears were burning, it wasn't the chemo, it was us talking about you!

Right there and then we three made a pact to sport buzz haircuts no longer than a #2, in honor of David, until he's all well. We want to encourage all Gate City Rotarian guys to join in this salute to our friend as he battles pancreatic cancer, day and night. Richard and Tim, GQ guys that the are, were already rocking buzz cuts when we got to the ballpark. Jim was too, when I saw him last week. Eric, too, Rick and Alex might be on the permanent plan, and maybe Buster is too, though I can't tell whether he's got Grandpappy Lewis' balding genes or not.

Here's me getting a buzz cut today from Chuange, a guy from Viet Nam (sort of like slurring your speech and saying John) was knows all of five words, but he's really nice and has steadier hands than any surgeon I know. John, for short, cuts hair at Gene's Style Shop on Spring Garden. Old fashioned hot lather, ice-cold Coca-Colas in glass bottles, and a massive neck massage too.

John didn't quite understand why someone would want to buzz all their hair off for a friend with cancer, but Frank (the older guy wearing the blue golf shirt - in the mirror), who has been cutting hair for 50 years, translated what I wanted for Chuange. "He wants it cut off special, for a friend," he said with a smile, knowing exactly what having a friend meant. Thanks Frank!