Congressman Howard Coble visits Gate City Rotary

Dr. Eric Cole and Congressman Howard Coble at Gate City Rotary Club, August 14, 2008, the 63rd anniversary of President Truman's announcement that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II. Cole, professor of mathematics at Bennett College, doesn't need a HP Business Calculator to tell him that Coble was a mere lad when the War ended and the Congressman does't need a slide rule to know that Cole was still in diapers while the future legislator was working on his Juris Doctor. Still, the two became fast friends.

Right after President Rob gives the Congressman the Gate City friendship coffee mug, Coble tells Midgett that if he didn't have so many Official U.S. Government Business envelopes back up on the hill, he'd gladly take one of Rob's postage meters off his hands.

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