Program for Thursday August 28

Vicky Jarrett, Editor in Chief for Our State Magazine, is this week's speaker.

I don't know what she'll talk about, but I do know this:

I don't want to be (a) late, or (b) leave more than 18 minutes early (unless I'm going to toss my cookies), or (c) leave with less than 18 minutes on the clock, unless I've first introduced myself to her and to apologized to her for ducking out early, and situated my self near the back of the room. Thanks, Mike, Rob, and Chuck for speaking up - any reflection on any one of our members is a reflection on the club.

There aren't too many magazines out there that have been around for 75 years, much less a printed magazine that's experiencing growth in a world where digital media seems to rule. Just in case Vicky lays a a pop quiz on us, here's the most recent cover. You can actually position your mouse pointer over the picture and click or double click (go on, it won't blow your computer up) and learn what all this edition includes.
Chuck, I hope the prison tour was enjoyable (as much as possible) and that attendance was good. To be sure, Gate City will be a stronger club to the extent each member understands what every other member does, how their uniqueness adds to the beauty and value of this life. And I really hope you didn't have to leave anybody behind after the tour was over. I hated to bail (no pun) out on you at the last minute, but son Justin and I were signed up for a no-excused-absences class that I had forgotten about when I signed up for the prison tour. Turns out Justin and I were with another arm of the law, The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission - we were taking the Hunter Education Course, and for our first class, learning about what happens to people who don't pay attention during Hunter Education Class. We saw a video reactment of a true story about two high school guys - one, who paid close attention to the Hunter Safety instructor, and the other, he listened to his iPod and snoozed while pretending to be paying attention; anyway they went out in the woods with a .22 semi-automatic, shooting cans and bottles and everything else that wasn't nailed down, until they set up a contest to see which one could hit the most number of five beer cans (with five rounds each). The paying attention kid shot three cans with his five rounds but the goof-off kid beat him, shooting four cans with four rounds, and forgetting the fifth round was still in the chamber, hopped down the ravine to look at the cans, slipped on the leaves, bounced the butt of the loaded rifle, which was pointed at the good kid's stomach, and the gun went off, sending that fifth and final round into the other kid's stomach, where it traveled thru his spleen, liver, large and small intestine, before coming to rest. And he died five hours later on the operating table. I am not making this up.

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ps. if anybody wants to read more about Our State Magazine, here's something from the News-Record