Program for Thursday, September 18th

Our speaker on September 18th is Andrew J. Courts, Jr., a Greensboro native, a graduate of Greensboro Day School, received a B.S. degree in Economics from Clemson University, and broker in charge of Crenshaw-Jenkins.

Mike Slane sent me Andy’s bio to post to the Gate City Rotary blog. Now maybe my mental bandwidth has been marked to market along with Lehman, AIG, and a host of other spectacular financial shenanigans, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out (from reading what Mike forwarded me) what it was we’re going to hear about, so I asked him (Mike), who knows all about Lucent and a thing or two besides, what it was Andy was going to talk to us about. To quote,

“In talking with him (Andy) it sounded like energy efficiency – but more focused on the home. I had to Google VOCs (volatile organic compounds, one of the things on Andy’s bio) to figure out what that was.”

So if you're sick and tired of hearing about credit default swaps, CDOs, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Stoozing, Structured Products, and derivates, take a deep breath (that is NOT me in the photograph), turn off your TV, and come on down to Gate City Rotary Thursday at 7:00 am. In addition to expanding our friendships and waistlines, we’ll be expanding our vocabularies, for example, LEED, NAHB Green Building Program, and R-value.

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