Program for Thursday, October 9, 2008

Red Dog Farm comes to Gate City Rotary Thursday October 9th.  Don't know who's responsible for bringing Garland Graham of Red Dog to the O.Henry, but I've browsed their website and read the News-Record's articles of June 22 and September 21, and believe we're in for a treat.  Garland's husband, Gary, is a member of Greensboro Rotary.  If you've ever wondered what to do with that extra dog, cat, horse, goat, sheep, cow, mule, burro, pot-bellied pig, or llama that keeps banging around your trashcans at night, look no further.  I once put a cat (all vaccinations and checkups current, litter box, litter, cat carrier, collar, leash, food, and the whole nine yards) on the neighborhood listserve, and she was gone (to a good home in the neighborhood) in a minnit!  I am not making this up. 

Rodney, the original Red Dog is pictured above.