Why Gate City #4

I recently asked our member to reposnd to the following questions.
1. Why, really, did you join GCR?
2. What keeps you here?
3. What is the most fun you have had as a member?
4. What is the craziest memory you have of the club?
5. Who, of ANYONE in the world, do you think should be our newest member? Why?
6. What will GCR be like in 100 years?
7. Have you been to District Conference? Good times? Why?
8. What the heck is a Sleeping Booty, anyway?
9. Anything else you want to say... (this one is for you Buster)

The next few posts will be about their response... enjoy!

To add balance to my life, to move to the center of the circle is why I joined. Sounds selfish. What keeps me here are the members. What is a Sleeping Booty can not be answered here. -Chuck Langdon