Camp Carefree Service 2013

It was a stellar weekend at Camp Care Free. We replace about 3000+ sqf of ceiling tile, removed heavily soiled insulation, painted a fence, installed a fireplace door, re-insulated about 1/2 of the party room, cleaned lighting fixtures  and put a flag on the Pirate Ship.

For those that made it out thank you so very much. If you did not make it, no worries we had a great team of Rotarians/Spouses and Children to get the job done. Today was a great day to be a Rotarian, really proud of our club.

In addition to saying thanks to all the GCR members that were out, special thanks to Chip P and Bobby for making it out both days and to all the spouses/children that came out as well. Shout out to Don T. for purchasing/transporting all the material and providing dump truck. The club was well represented this weekend, we had members that have been around for 20 years and members that have been around for 2 months.

Highlight of the day, Rob's puppy seeing the "big dog" running into her crate and shutting the door behind her.

Lastly, I spoke to Ann as I was leaving today, her gratitude is so sincere, not just for the work today but the years of service GCR has put into Camp Care Free, she does not forget what GCR has done and is a big cheerleader for us.

Check out the video clip:

Well done GCR

Dan Q.