New Rotary Year Club Assembly

Greetings Fellow Gate City Rotarian's

We're all set for a great new Rotary year & will kick it off Thursday with a Club Assembly.

We will continue many of the traditional service projects & social events throughout the year as well as a few new ones. I also have a few innovations for the coming year:

Video & post weekly meetings on our website – started on June 20th & qualifies as a make up - just enter club video/date for the venue.

A few times during the year I'm planning to “mix things up.” We will hand out table number tickets & facilitate some "mingling" amongst our members.

In the true spirit of the origins of Rotary - we'll hold some 5:45's at member’s places of business.

Hold some socials at events already planned - baseball games, plays etc...

Schedule some "old member" talks to help the membership get to better know some of our long time members

In addition to the weekly invocation, we will also share a "Rotary Moment" - some brief remarks/statement about a special moment in their life as a Rotarian - some event, place, person, experience that stands out for them.

I would like to have members circulate the names of guests in advance of the meeting – send an email to to help us “get to know” guests ahead of time & also inform those who can’t make the meeting.

Some new service projects – Danny Farley will outline

District Governor Cookie’s initiative – organ donation awareness – stay tuned for more information

Enhanced Public Image with the use of Facebook, photos, & press releases to the local News & Record

Strive for increased diversity in our club with the addition of members from under represented demographic groups – under age 40, gender, and ethnicity
The following Committee Chairs will take a few moments to share their plans for the year ahead:
Dennis Marcotte – Membership
Sarah Doggett – New Generations/Youth Services (assisted by Cooper Trotter)
Steve Brannan – Public Image
Danny Farley – Service Projects
Ralph Jones – Club Admin/Socials
Beth Sheffield –Foundation
Please also note the Club Officers this year:
Emily Hoole – President Elect (Fundraiser)
Buster Lewis – Past Presidents
Chris Justice – Secretary
Ross Geller – Treasurer
Weekly Birthdays/Anniversaries – Kevin Barth
Dorothy Downey – Family of Rotary - announcements & concerns within the
family of Gate City

* All officers are asked to stay after for a quick group photo.  I'll even dress up this week & possibly wear shoes.

Committees - We are going back to the practice of assigning members to the various committees and a list is attached. Many of you requested a committee & were assigned accordingly. Those who did not make a request were assigned proportionately to the various committees. Please note - your assignment to a committee is to help delegate to work load and should not limit your involvement and ability to help with any other committees.

Membership Survey - Thanks to all who provided feedback in the recent membership survey & as promised - a copy of the results is attached. The survey provided great information, statistics, and sparked some new innovations.

I look forward to seeing everyone Thursday. Remember - if you're on vacation - don't forget to do your "virtual" make up. The whole meeting will be archived on video & available at: