Connected in Hope - 11/07/2013 Meeting

We got a chance to see what our efforts look like on a Global scale this week with a wonderful presentation from Pam Simpson on her work to empower the women and families living on Mount Entoto in Ethiopia. Her program has touched so many lives and allowed families to rise above the debilitating poverty level through sustainable income development and improved education. Get your Christmas shopping done early and buy one of their lovely scarves!

We started out the morning presenting more Paul Harris Fellows and Benefactor recipients. These generous contributions are what make Rotary International and the great work of Rotary possible!

Summit Rotarian, Claudia Cannady, who is our district regional chair gave us some idea of the impact the Rotary Foundation has through Global and District grants. Then we got to see Rotary at work through a Global Grant in action. Pam, who is with Airport Rotary, told her inspirational story of starting Connected in Hope, the sustainable outreach program to women and their families in Ethiopia.

See more about Pam's tremendous foundation here:

Don't forget to get your fundraiser monies turned in! Only two more weeks until the BBQ and Tailgate party!

Our latest Paul Harris Fellows and Rotary Benefactors

Claudia Cannady tells us about the wonderful
work of Rotary through 
 Global and District Grants
Pam Simpson talks about Connected in Hope