Our Members Shine - 10/31/2013 Meeting

It was a busy morning to say the least! We got word that a car was on fire outside the O'Henry and it turns out that our very own Dale Meltzer had been in a bad car accident on her way to the meeting. Luckily, quick thinking Ross Geller stopped when he saw the accident, took action and got someone with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire that had started in the other car. Thankfully, Dale was okay but badly shaken up. Everyone be sure and give Dale a hug when they see her!

Mike Conrad presented our newest Paul Harris Fellows (and a plus one to Jonathan Smith). He then presented a very special Paul Harris to Neesie Edwards, the tireless lady who sets up all our meetings and makes sure everything runs smoothly every single Thursday morning. She said it best when she said we are like family. We agree! Thanks for everything you do Neesie!

Beth Sheffield then presented Mike Conrad with not his second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or even seventh Paul Harris. No, it was his EIGTH! Incredible, Mike. Such an inspiration.

We were pressed for time, but Jack Reynolds still managed to give a fantastic presentation, or what he called his "old member" talk. Such a fascinating career and story, we are so glad you ended up in Greensboro and a member of Gate City Rotary, Jack. Jack then talked about his passion, something he got into almost by accident - Pwoje Espwa (Project Hope), the Free the Kids charity that has helped thousands of abandoned children in Haiti lead more productive lives. The orphanage houses more than 600 children at any time and they have also opened schools, provide much needed meals and medical programs. For more information on how you can support this tremendous charity or to learn more about their generous work, visit their website here:


See everyone next week!