Log a Gate City Meeting Video as Makeup


After watching a Gate City Meeting video - follow these simple steps to record club meeting make up:



Go to the District and Club Database (DaCdb) https://www.directory-online.com/Rotary/SecLogin.cfm


You will see the screen below to enter your User Name, Password, and Club Number.  

Your login info is your email address .  Your password is your member number unless you have changed it.  You can go in and change that to your preference.  Your member number is on the label of your Rotarian magazine. The club number is 27995.  If you need help finding your member number, let the current Club Secretary or President know & they can look it up for you - their email address are in the Contact Us section of this website.


After entering your password you will see this screen below.  Click  the “My Data” Tab.


You will then see this screen.  Click the Enter Makeup tab under your photo.

The following screen will appear.

Enter the date you are making up.

Under * Makeup Venue/Note: type - Watched club video & click Submit.